April 20, 2009

The Brooklyn Follies :: Paul Auster

Title: The Brooklyn Follies
Author: Paul Auster
Read: Nassau, the Bahamas, NYC
Format: kindle

Nathan Glass thinks he's dying so he moves to NY. He reacquaints himself with his estranged, but beloved, nephew Tom. Tom was a promisingly intelligent young man, but has lost his way as well. In the course of rediscovering their relationship, Nathan and Tom figure out how to survive and rebuild with the help of Tom's little niece Lucy, an outrageous book dealer, and a neighborhood woman.

I liked Brooklyn Follies fine, though I can see why fans of the author might not. While Nathan is a classic Auster protagonist - lonely and somehow infirm - there is a lightness and hope (that might be too strong a word) to the novel that is unusual to his work. Purists might find it a stilted departure, but I found it nice. That being said, I wasn't especially moved by it and it was kind of forgettable.

A worthwhile read if you want something quick, but not empty.
3 out of 5 stars