September 06, 2009

some thoughts about auster

I'm working on 3 back-posts for some Austers I read this year: Man in the Dark, The Brooklyn Follies and Oracle Night. Thinking about all 3 at once made me come to the following realizations:
  • i possibly don't get it
  • i should not read Auster on kindle. i end up reading too fast and don't take the appropriate amount of time to unpack it
  • not fun
  • maybe i picked the wrong three to read in the same summer, but the format seems pretty one-note
  • i tend to read auster when i'm indecisive: i want to read something substantive, but fast. (lesson: when i want to read something quickly, i should probably just read something that is light too)
  • i continue to read his novels, though often underwhelmed, because i'm looking for something more like Book of Illusions. seems like BOI really stands alone, style-wise.

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